Fortnite and Overwatch 2 Collide in Fantastic Fan-Made Crossover

When two worlds collide...

Tracer in Fortnite fan conept
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epicgames via Ponyraee

Fans of Fortnite and Overwatch 2 have been hoping for a possible collaboration between the two games for a long time. While there’s yet to be any evidence of this occurring in the near future, Overwatch and Fortnite have always had subtle influences on one another. Examples can be found through a variety of Fortnite skins, which share similarities to familiar Overwatch characters, such as Arache (Widowmaker), Omega (Genji), Ark (Mercy), Calamity (Ashe), and more.

Additionally, the jump from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2 included a Battle Pass and shop system, much like Fortnite, and there’s even been an instance of a spray for the latter mimicking one of Overwatch’s beloved Tank heroes. These games are already intertwined with one another, even if it isn’t directly through a crossover event. As two of the most notable free-to-play titles currently available on various platforms, it’s safe to say many fans are eager to see them come together to form a collaboration.

Thanks to a user on Twitter named Ponyraee, fans now have a potential visual of how one such collaboration may look. This is due to Ponyraee’s fan-made project, which involved porting the models of certain Overwatch 2 characters and importing them into Fortnite. While such a concept is exciting, it’s also quite surprising how well the chosen character models fit into Fortnite. They look just like any other character skins in the game – check it out for yourself below:

The screenshots show off four different Overwatch characters (Tracer,, Genji, and Widowmaker) in Fortnite match mockup scenes, with each set of images featuring a default pose as they hang out in the lobby, and then two gameplay screenshots of them dropping in, roaming the map, and practicing builds.

Lastly, another user shared a clip of their own project involving using Kiriko’s Overwatch 2 model in their own Fortnite project. While it’s a bit strange to see the protector of Kanezaka clutching a gun instead of her usual kunai, it’s hard to deny that she doesn’t look good. After all, Overwatch 2 characters are very bright and unique, so it’s no surprise that they look right at home in a game as bright and vibrant as Fortnite, especially when they both carry that toonish, semi-realistic charm to the visual approach of material.

While this is sadly nothing more than a fan-made project created for fun, perhaps it will inspire further consideration between Epic Games and Blizzard towards a Fortnite x Overwatch 2 crossover event; who knows? If there’s one sure thing, it’s that there’s an audience waiting eagerly for such an opportunity.

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