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Where to Find Gold Skulls in Warzone DMZ

Gold Skulls are a premium in Warzone 2's DMZ, so here are the best places to find them.

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Among the more valuable items in Warzone’s DMZ are Gold Skulls, boasting a value of $8,000 and being crucial to certain objectives. Here how to get them and where to look for Gold Skulls in DMZ Season 4.

How to Get a Gold Skull in Warzone 2 DMZ

Vondel Keys

Season 4 brought the Vondel map and a series of keys. The keys formed part of a wider chain which changed again with the Reloaded update. Each key opens a location, cache or bag that grants players good loot and the next key.

Some are known to offer Gold Skulls regularly, with some even seeming to grant one to players every time. Specifically, players need to acquire the keys for the following locations, before heading there and opening them:

Both yielded Gold Skulls when we visited, so it seems like there’s a very good chance of getting one.


Another way to earn a Gold Skull is by overcoming one of DMZ’s bosses, whether that’s the Scavenger, Bombmaker, Pyro or the brand new Bullfrog.

These enemies take a lot of bullets to get through as a result of their high-tier armor. They’re also usually flanked by groups of AI, so be careful when taking them on. We’d recommend a lot of armor and a Self-Revive Kit too, just in case.

You can find the bosses at various Strongholds across Warzone DMZ’s various Exclusion Zones.You’ll need a Stronghold Keycard to access these location. The Bullfrog, unlike the predecessor bosses, can be found roaming around Vondel, with their location revealed at some point early on in a match.

  • Bombmaker: Tsuki Castle on Ashika Island
  • Pyro: Airport Control Tower, US Embassy and the Post Office on Al Mazrah
  • Scavenger: Various (indicated by a Red Circle Zone and dead operators) on Ashika Island, Al Mazrah and Building 21
  • Bullfrog: Various on Vondel (indicated by a Weapon Case icon on the minimap)
The Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Police Stations

DMZ’s Gold Skulls can also be found at Police Stations across Al Mazrah. These are home to a lot of high-tier loot, like the Basilisk pistol. They also throw up Gold Skulls occasionally, so they’re worthwhile places to visit and loot as you search for one.

Again, they tend to be heavily defended areas so take weapon, armor and ammo when you head for one. There’s three across Al Mazrah, each of which is marked on the map below:

Al Mazrah Map with Police Stations Circled
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Sawah Hotel

Another location that can give Gold Skulls to DMZ players is Sawah Hotel, located in Sawah Village. This, again, can be fairly busy with enemy AI so be careful as you explore the hotel and its rooms.

Players will want to search the hotel itself – specifically rooms 302 and 303 – and the most immediate surrounding areas for orange crates. These can offer Gold Skulls to players (as well as other high tier loot and valuable items).

The hotel is located fairly centrally in Sawah Village in Al Mazrah map grid D7. You can see its precise location on the map below:

Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village Warzone 2 DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Supply Drops

Our final recommended method to earn Gold Skulls in DMZ is via Supply Drops. During matches, players may be hit with a message that Supply Drops are incoming. A large carrier plane will fly overhead, dropping a number of high-value drops on its route.

These’ll be marked on your minimap and usually offer incredibly good loot. Whether its stacks of cash, rare vests or Gold Skulls, they’re a reliable source of top tier equipment. Again, they’re often martialed by AI so don’t approach unarmed or complacent.

Those are the best locations and methods to get a Gold Skull in Warzone DMZ. They’re integral to a number of missions and objectives. They’re also just cool and valuable, so whatever your incentive to find one, hopefully we’ve helped. For everything else Warzone DMZ, check out the related content below.

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