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Where to Find GPUs in Warzone DMZ Season 4

GPUs for all your GPUing.

GPU in Stage Bag in Warzone DMZ's Vondel Activision

GPUs are rare and valuable in Warzone DMZ, remaining in high demand in Season 4. Because of how they’re acquired, players need to change tac slightly to get hold of them. This is how to get GPUs in Warzone DMZ.

Guaranteed Warzone DMZ GPU Locations

Guaranteed GPU locations are not common and only a couple are known in DMZ. We do know that both Stage Bags give those opening them a GPU. While Season 4 Reloaded tweaked Vondel’s key chain considerably, the locations of the Stage Bags has stayed the same.

However, getting the Stage Bag Key itself has not. Previously, players could guarantee themselves it by opening the Barista’s Bag. With S4R’s changes implemented, players need to open the Mayor’s Briefcase and then head to the bags’ locations.

Vondel University Stage Bag

The first is located at the northwest of University, in map grid E2. Head towards the Castle and you’ll soon find a small stage to the east of the Canal. At the back of this stage is the Duffel Bag you’re searching for.

Stage Bag Key Where To Use on Warzone DMZ Vondel Map
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

North Fire Department Stage Bag

The second is north of the Fire Department in Vondel’s west. This one’s in map grid C5, in a small rectangular building east of a Buy Station.

Stage Bag Location on Vondel in Warzone DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Each of the Stage Bags will guarantee a GPU, so it’s possible you can acquire a couple in one deployment. Just note that this second one is usually bursting with bots and tough to navigate.

You’re probably best off extracting quickly after getting them to avoid risking your GPUs, keys and whatever other loot you’ve got.

GPU Possible Locations

Right now, they’re the only ways to guarantee yourself a GPU. There are other locations that can give one, even if it’s less reliable than the Stage Bags on Vondel. Players have reported finding the high value items at each of the following locations:

  • Chemical Storage Warehouse in Al Mazrah Al-Safwa Quarry
  • Weapon Lockers in Ashika Island Tsuki Castle
  • Sawah Crypto Mining Farm in Al Mazrah

None are 100% certain to drop a GPU but all can do, so it’s well worth checking in if you’re in the area.


Other than that, a good way to find GPUs is to loot exhaustively. They’re rare but not unobtainable and you’re bound to find some unexpectedly as you make your way through missions.

Supply Drops and Strongholds are also a good way to acquire GPUs. While not guaranteed, higher value items like Gold Skulls and GPUs show up fairly frequently. Just be wary of foes defending their locations and, obviously, you’ll need a Keycard to get into a Stronghold.

GPU Barter Recipe

They’re also an item that you can barter for at Buy Stations. Unfortunately, they’re not a simple item to earn, requiring high value items to exchange. The current recipe for GPUs in Warzone is:

  • 2 Gold Bars
  • 5 Thumb Drives

The Gold Bars in particular are rare and high value. We recommend Strongholds and locked POIs (like Vondel’s Aquarium, City Hall etc) as these tend to dispense them. Thumb Drives are typically found in Computers, so ensure you’re looting these as you play as well.

That’s everything to say about GPUs in Warzone DMZ. For everything else to do with Call of Duty’s extraction mode, check out the related content below.

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