Is Alph in Pikmin 4? Answered

Does Alph return fo(u)r Pikmin?

Pikmin 4 image with Alph from Pikmin 3
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Nintendo EPD’s Pikmin 4 is entertaining players across the world, especially given it’s the first in the series to feature a fully customizable main character. While departing from the past in some ways, players have been wondering whether fan favorite protagonist Alph makes a return.

** Naturally, the below article contains some spoilers, so only read on if you’re content for the presence or absence of Alph to be revealed. **

Who Is Alph in Pikmin?

He’s one of the three explorers who stars in Pikmin 3. His main role is as the engineer of the SS Drake, a ship his grandfather designed.

Alph quickly won fans of the 2013 title over with his generosity and benevolence, frequently performing selfless acts and showing respect to others, like Captain Charlie.

His character model is that of a blue-haired baby in a space suit, ensuring he’s just as adorable as he is friendly.

Does He Return in Pikmin 4?

No, Alph is not in Pikmin 4. He doesn’t return at all in the 2023 title, with Nintendo instead deciding to take the game in new directions, namely by making the protagonist a newly recruited Rescue Corps member.

Interestingly, there is the appearance of an Alph-like character, showing up very late on in Pikmin 4. He’s alongside characters who also bear a striking resemblance to Britanny and Charlie, also from Pikmin 3.

We won’t delve any deeper to avoid late-game spoilers, but you’re sure to notice the three doppelg√§ngers when you stumble across them in the game. Depending on your playthrough time, you’ll probably be 10 or 15 hours into the game, so don’t expect them to show up immediately.

That’s everything to know about Alph returning in Pikmin 4. We’ve been loving the game and everything it has to offer, so make sure you dive into the related content below!

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