What Are the Waffle Answers Today? (July 24, 2023)

Waffle answers to make sure it stays sweet.

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Waffle is a bit like Wordle in that it requires players to figure out words in a finite amount of time. Instead of guessing words and using feedback to narrow down, you’ve got to swap tiles as smartly as you can. Here are today’s answers.

Today’s (July 24, 2023) Waffle Answers Are…

Here are the answers to the Daily Waffle:

  • Word 1: SWILL
  • Word 2: SKIFF
  • Word 3: IVORY
  • Word 4: FLYER
  • Word 5: IRONY
  • Word 6: LAYER

We’ve devised a trusty method to help you with Waffle on a daily basis. The image below shows each word numbered so, from now on, we’ll be giving you the specific answers to each word. It should make solving the Waffle even easier and ensure you can rack up stars as you go!

Waffle Answers Help Guide
Image Credit: Waffle / Twinfinite

Yesterday’s Waffle Answers

The answers to yesterday’s (July 23, 2023) Daily puzzle were:

  • Word 1: BASIL
  • Word 2: BLAZE
  • Word 3: APART
  • Word 4: ERROR
  • Word 5: STAIR
  • Word 6: LATER

How To Play

Waffle looks slightly more complicated than other word-based daily brainteasers but, once you’ve got to know the challenge, it’s a lot of fun and very easy to play.

You’ll be given a scrambled grid of letters in the shape of a waffle, with six words in total to figure out. The colors are significant too: a green tile means that letter doesn’t need to move, a yellow tile means it’s in the word but needs to move within that word, and a grey tile means that it’s not in the word it’s currently in.

There’s only fifteen moves allotted per game, so you have to use your moves wisely to unscramble the words as quickly as possible. For each move you have in reserve when the words are correct, you earn a star.

Every game can be solved in a minimum of ten moves. If you use all fifteen without completing the game, you’ve not done it quickly enough and failed at the day’s challenge. If that’s the case though, don’t stress and use what you’ve learnt to tackle the following day’s puzzle.

That’s the answer to today’s Waffle and everything you need to know about the game. If you can’t get enough of Waffle, check out our guides to Digits, Wordle and Jumble, with one sure to tickle your fancy and add to your daily routine of enjoyable brainteasers!

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