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Destiny 2’s Bugs Know No End As Bungie Disables Four Mods At Once

Will this ever end?

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For the past year, Destiny 2 has been plagued by constant bugs and glitches. Bungie has already put out a statement that they are working towards improving their servers so these bugs would fade away. However, with the release of the 2023 Solstice of Heroes event, yet another game-breaking bug has appeared. Usually, Bungie would turn off one or two items causing the problem. This time around, Bungie has disabled four Armor mods until further notice.

Each of the above mods coincides with a different ability per character. For example, Bolstering Detonation grants increased Grenade energy after using a class ability. All of these mods being disabled at once seems to be due to a glitch that would allow players to acquire more Silver Leaves. Silver Leaves are the unique currency for the Solstice of Heroes event, allowing players to upgrade their Solstice Armor pieces.

Usually, upgrading each piece requires a little bit of grinding across various activities in the game. However, the glitch seemingly allowed the user to bypass this, gaining everything they need nearly instantly with minimal effort.

This is yet another game-breaking bug in the long line of errors and glitches plaguing the game, and this doesn’t even include the error from the night before. When Bungie implemented the Solstice of Heroes events in the maintenance the night before, the game “pre-released” the new Solstice Armor the night before they were supposed to release.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s essentially pre-determined that the game will break in some shape or form every time an update drops. Hopefully, Bungie can fix this sooner rather than later.

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